About Us

We are Phoenixen

Phoenix Engineering GmbH is a privately owned company, founded by a team of telecommunication industry experts, dedicated to providing optimized turn-key solutions in the fields of infrastructure and broadband technologies.

Based in Germany, our company can serve diverse needs of telecom and infrastructure providers throughout Europe, including a broad spectrum of engineering, project management, controlling and consulting services.

With a solid know-how and experience in the market, Phoenix is ensuring high quality project delivery and aspires to long-term and trustful partnerships.

Aiming at the ever-increasing satisfaction of our customers as well as the continuous improvement of our corporate operation, we have developed and implement a unified management system:
– for the quality of products and services in accordance with the principles of the ISO 9001 standard
– for occupational health and safety and the whole scope of our activity according to the ISO 45001 standard
– for environmental aspects of all our activity in accordance with the principles of the ISO 14001 standard
– for information security management based on our activities in accordance with the principles of the ISO 27001 standard